Domestic violence is in every community, in every neighborhood. A friend or family member could be a victim of domestic violence, and you may not even realize it.

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ThreeDaily seeks to educate and inform those who are not familiar with the extensive damage domestic violence is doing to our communities. But we also want to offer sources of hope and inspiration for victims and survivors.

Here we share their stories.

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What types of content does ThreeDaily accept? Original, unique nonfiction only, please. We are not accepting fiction or poetry at this time. Please do not submit content that has already been posted elsewhere.

How long should my submission be? Submissions should be between 300 – 600 words.

What information should/shouldn’t I include? Please do not include names or locations of anyone who could be endangered by the information in your story. Please do not include your own name or location if you could be endangered by the information in your story. If our editorial team has concerns about safety, libel, or invasion of privacy, we reserve the right to replace names with pseudonyms or use first names only.

Does ThreeDaily have formatting requirements? We ask that you keep paragraphs short and snappy. If bullets or subheadings will provide clarity or make reading your submission easier for readers, please include them. Please use anchor text to link to any resources you’ve included in your story.